Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthstone Edition CritterZ!

So after a vacation that dragged on a couple days longer than intended, I have finally got all my new pictures up on FaceBook.  I now have a stock of over 30 CritterZ MiniZ in preparation for the Farmer's Market, including a bunch of new designs like rats, and ladybugs!  Amongst the stock you will also find my new line of Birthstone Edition CritterZ MiniZ Geckos.  I still have many more animal designs coming and I am almost ready to show off the Birthstone Edition Ladybugs :)

If you are interested in getting your hands on a gecko at a great price, go check out the auctions over at and  Each auction is starting at only $1!

Another bit of news... I'm starting a Reviews blog, to be called 'Kona Comments'.  I have 2 reviews being written up currently and I will be posting them soon... I'll make mention of it here.

Until Next Time,